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The Fobus Evolution paddle holster

The Fobus Evolution paddle holster

Guns Magazine, August, 2010 by Mike Cumpston

The Ruger SP101 stands out among the available "snubnose" revolvers by virtue of its user-accessible accuracy and its appetite for the most vociferous of .357 Magnum loads. The platform stands up to sustained shooting with full loads, while the overall geometry, patented grips and 25-ounce weight affords greater comfort and controllability than many standard-loaded .38 Specials of the same general size and job description.

RU101 Holster My 2.25" SP has ridden in vest and pants pockets, an ankle holster, under a sports shirt in a bargain basement horizontal shoulder rig and in various IWB holsters. Seeking the maximum in comfort and accessibility, I decided to check out the polymer Fobus paddle holster. The design originated with the Israeli military and security forces and is minimalist in nature, weighing only a couple of ounces and employing a tension-adjustable retention system in place of manually operated thumb breaks or snaps. Fobus has shunned the near-universal temptation to use Phillips or Allen headed screws on the tension mechanism in favor of the vastly more sensible, pedestrian slotted head. Open-ended, the holster will accommodate the full range of SP101 barrel lengths. My revolver hangs 4" below belt line and is well hidden under a variety of lightweight, untucked garments.

The Fobus responds best to a snappy draw in line with the forward cant of the holster. It is at least somewhat resistant to attempted gun grabs as it does not readily release the revolver from other angles. With the paddle model holster, it is important to make sure the belt is in the proper location with the bottom of the belt above the shelf of the belt channel. Otherwise, the entire holster will come out with the draw. With that minor caveat, the Fobus proves a secure and comfortable carry option for the Ruger SP101.

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