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Bianchi Model 7001 AccumoldŽ Thumbsnap Holster Right Hand (BI-17721)


Bianchi Model 7001 Accumold® Thumbsnap Holster Right Hand (BI-17721)

This holster is specially designed to perfectly fit Glock 17 (G17/G17C), Glock 20 (G20/G20C), Glock 21 (G21/G21C), Glock 22 (G22/G22C), Ruger KP97, Ruger P89, Ruger P90, Ruger P91, Ruger P94, Sig Sauer P220, Sig Sauer P220R, Sig Sauer P226, Sig Sauer Pro SP2009, Sig Sauer SP2340, Smith & Wesson Sigma, Smith & Wesson SW40F

Suitable for outdoor and concealment applications, this holster rides at a 10 -13 degree forward angle for a fast, instinctive draw. Our Roll-Top™ thumb break strap wraps cleanly over hammer and effectively retains the handgun. Belt slides through our Quick-Slide™ 1.75” injection molded belt loop.

  • Features:
  • Custom molded and contoured
  • High-density trilaminate construction: Ballistic fabric exterior, high-density, closed-cell foam center
  • Coptex™ inner lining of 100Right polyknit, for a smooth draw
  • Sturdy Quick-Slide™ molded belt loop
  • High ride
  • Closed muzzle
  • 1.75" (45mm) belt slot
  • Adjustable thumbstrap
  • Carry: Strongside
  • Finish: Black
  • Right Hand.

Note: The picture shown might differ from the actual.

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  • Model: BI-17721
  • Manufactured by: Bianchi

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