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Editorial from US Concealed Carry Association


  Is it possible that a responsibly-armed citizen carrying a concealed handgun could have stopped the madman at the Colorado movie theater. 

The facts: On July 20th, shortly after midnight, a 24-year-old man went on a shooting spree at the midnight showing of Batman. 
The criminal was bold and prepared. He allegedly carried multiple weapons, tear gas, and full body protection including a bulletproof vest and a helmet. He took at least 12 lives and wounded over 50 others. 

Because we still don’t know the full details of the story, I won’t comment further than to say two things: 

1. When I hear stories like this, my heart breaks for the victims and their families. They are in my thoughts and prayers. 

2. These lunatics can strike at any moment. At the gas station, at a restaurant, at the supermarket, and at the movie theater… 

The solution – be prepared. 

Now I’m not talking about a bunch of crazy, untrained citizens running around carrying guns. I am talking about YOU becoming a Responsibly-Armed Citizen. 
What I am talking about is that this sort of situation usually causes and immediate upheaval in the “anti-gun” circles. But we all already know that criminals can find guns no matter what the laws are. The gun ban laws don’t affect ‘them’, its responsibly-armed citizens like you and I that get affected… 

My challenge and plea to you is to be a counter force to the immediate gutt reaction many will have to further remove your rights to protect yourself – the rights our founding fathers fought for. A responsible, trained citizen who exercised his or her rights may have been able to stop this horrific tragedy from ever passing. But even more so, if we lived in a society where criminals knew citizens were prepared, they would most assuredly think twice about premeditatively assualting our youth and our nation!

I invite you to join the largest group of responsible, trained, and passionate citizens that receive our Free Concealed Carry Report weekly newsletter. 

Tim Schmidt 
President and CEO US 
Concealed Carry Association
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