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Concealed Carry Clothing

By: Christine Harrell

Jacket Image When needing to blend into society for quick response with the benefit of surprise, such as working undercover or simply carrying a weapon during off-duty hours, concealment of a firearm without compromise of comfort is important. Standard holsters and guns worn under regular clothing prove uncomfortable and sometimes even dangerous and can greatly reduce response time, if the weapon cannot be efficiently accessed. Additionally, the sheer bulk of a weapon and holster can be an immediate giveaway.

For weapons and other equipment, rear pants pockets conceal larger items as well as daily needs, such as a wallet, and front and back pockets provide easier access with ample accommodation of a pocket holster. Some styles have vertically zippered equipment pockets along the side seam of the pant, so gear can be stashed and accessed without anyone else being able to detect that the pocket even exists.

Shirts, vests, ladies' handbags and other items of concealed carry clothing and accessories also use some of the same materials and strategies as the pants, for concealment of weapons and equipment. Zippers hidden along seams and larger, scalloped pockets provide for easy, fast, unimpeded drawing of a firearm from a pocketed or concealed holster. Cuts of the styles may appear standard for casual wear or specific occasions, but offer extra flexibility built into the seams and fabrics. False buttons and other illusion implements make concealed carry clothing appear normal, yet offer quick access. Jacket Image

Whether off-duty concealment when spending time with the family on city streets or trying to blend into a crowd without raising suspicion for a tactical SWAT operation is the day's objective, concealed carry clothing can provide all of the same options and benefits of tactical and combat uniforms, without being a dead giveaway about the presence of a weapon and a purpose for being in a specific place at a specific time.

Concealed carry clothing is not simply cargo or safari styling with lots of pockets in plain view. Today's concealed carry clothing offers styling for blending in with just about any social or public situation without anyone realizing a firearm exists, yet allows for fast, seamless response when it counts.

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